Presentation by zeb at the IFRS and Compliance Summit


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The 21st International Financial Reporting and Compliance Summit will focus on "Navigating the IFRS journey: updates and insights on the implementation of accounting standards". The following key topics are on the agenda:

  • Updates on the implementation of IFRS standards
  • Challenges and emerging trends in credit risk reporting
  • Current economic landscape and its impact on bank reporting and compliance
  • Overlays in IFRS 9 and financial asset classification

In this context, zeb will give a presentation on the topic of optimizing financial reporting with dynamic risk management (DRM). Senior Manager Detlev Ahrens will highlight the role of DRM and its significance for the accuracy of financial reports. He will also present how best practices for the selection, measurement and reporting of risk-related information are examined. Furthermore, he discusses regulatory requirements and guidelines for risk disclosure. During his technical presentation, he also addresses the challenges and opportunities in implementing technology-enabled risk reporting systems.

The 21st International Financial Reporting and Compliance Summit will take place in Berlin on November 22-23, 2023, and this year zeb was able to become a Gold Sponsor.