About zeb.control

About zeb.control

With its zeb.control product family, zeb develops and operates integrated standard software for the modern management of banks and insurance companies. Since the first version in 1995, the software solution has been continuously developed into a success story. With over 80 developers, more than 200 IT consultants and customizers and more than 20,000 development days per year, the zeb.control team creates value for more than 150 customers every day.

The extraordinary fast pace of the 21st century financial services industry requires a high degree of flexibility and modern approaches to software development. Therefore, our design and development approach is based on an agile, scrum-like best-of-breed process that provides for early feedback from users and business experts and enables lightweight solutions with highest fit. This development process is continuously adapted and optimized. Moreover, customers are involved in the development process in order to better incorporate their needs from the very beginning. In addition, zeb regularly invites the users of zeb.control to User Days where, on the one hand, innovations in the financial sector and updates of the software products are discussed and, on the other hand, the future development of zeb.control is jointly prioritized.

Customers benefit from a modular solution and thus from easy integration into a wide variety of IT landscapes. The implementation is carried out by an interdisciplinary team of proven zeb experts and IT specialists. As a regionally rooted, owner-managed company, zeb assumes full responsibility for the entire project from development, implementation and support to operation from a single source.

One of the many advantages is the high service level of the German-speaking support team, which works directly with the development teams in Münster. Within this framework, more than 3,000 support requests per year are answered in a customer-oriented manner and individual support is provided. These include, in particular, inquiries about releases, downloads, documentation, processes, data requirements and the like.

In addition, zeb can provide professional operation as a cloud solution, which is characterized by flexibility and low costs. This all in one package from a single source relieves the customers' IT department and reduces the number of contact persons for the specialist department. The state-of-the-art technology stack of zeb.control enables you to realize all cloud benefits. The effectiveness of the internal control system for zeb.control's SaaS operation is confirmed annually by certification according to IDW PS 951.

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