Strategic planning and risk management


Founded in 2016, solarisBank offers a scalable digital banking platform to companies that want to offer financial services to non-banks. As the first banking platform with its own full banking license, solarisBank relies on zeb. With zeb.control, the modern and flexible zeb bank management software, the bank optimizes the efficiency and flexibility of its management processes and secures its long-term growth strategy.

1. Consistent:
the implementation

End-to-end responsibility lay with zeb

zeb managed the project from concept development to go-live. First, the target image was defined together. Thus, not only the IT architecture was taken into account, but also and especially risk management criteria such as interest and liquidity risks as well as regulatory requirements. The overall bank management software zeb.control is convincing in this respect due to the functional integration of risk management functions and controlling issues.

2. Effective:
the results

Flexible scenario analyses for bank management

The solarisBank decided in favor of zeb.control because zeb has many years of successful application expertise in the European banking industry with its bank management software. The bank now relies on this control software for present value and periodic interest risk management, liquidity risk management and monitoring of the risk-bearing capacity. It also offers flexible scenario analyses for holistic overall bank management – including all central regulatory ratios.

3. Future-proof:
outlook and conclusion

Basis created for later expansion stages

With zeb.control, solarisBank uses a fully integrated software package that covers the core needs of the company in risk management. In addition, the bank was able to create the technical basis for further expansion stages. For example, it would be easy to set up an individual contract-based contribution margin accounting. In conclusion, zeb was able to more than meet the requirements of a challenging starting position – and the Fintech solarisBank continued to grow rapidly with its dynamic strategy.