Customer survey confirms the quality of zeb.control

Agile Readiness Check

Customer survey

zeb regularly conducts surveys on user satisfaction with the zeb.control software solution in order to continuously improve its products and services. In addition to the customer-centric further development of our zeb.control software solution, special attention is paid to the services for implementation, maintenance and SaaS operation that zeb offers from a single source.


The results of the latest customer survey provide important insights into the perception and satisfaction of customers with zeb.control. The focus is on the recommendation rate and the evaluation of various aspects of the software and customer support.
The recommendation rate of zeb.control has increased significantly. 96% of respondents would recommend the software to others. In comparison, the recommendation rate in 2021 was 85%.

The overall rating of zeb.control has also increased. 78% of respondents rated the software as good or very good. This figure is significantly higher than the 66% in 2021. Particularly noteworthy are the positive ratings for support and operational support, which were each rated as good or very good by 86% of respondents.

Fast report generation, clear result reports; clear structures in the system; good data export options. 

Customer voice from the anonymized survey


The customer survey revealed a predominantly positive response to zeb.control. In particular, the significant increase in the recommendation rate and the higher overall rating of the software show a clear improvement compared to previous years. The positive feedback in free text responses on the clarity, broad coverage of functions and technical support confirm the customer-centered further development of zeb.control.

We are proud of the results of the customer survey and would like to thank all representatives of the companies that took part in the survey.