Testimonial: ALM Next in the Google Cloud

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The ALM Next software solution by zeb.control is the consistent further development of the solution for interest rate risk and liquidity management of the strategy and management consultancy zeb that has been used by many customers for years. Tried and tested business logic is thereby lifted onto modern, massively scalable cloud technology that can be operated at low cost. Thus, this modern, cloud-native solution of zeb is very attractive for institutions that already rely on cloud solutions or want to future-proof themselves by switching to cloud technology.

In 2020, the customer, a major German bank relying on the Google Cloud, decided to implement ALM Next and thus to update zeb's interest rate risk and liquidity management system, which had already been in use for some time. From the point of view of Google and zeb, the software solution fits perfectly into the bank's Google Cloud strategy and fully exploits its capabilities.







"The implementation of zeb.control ALM Next is exceptionally in line with the cloud strategy of the customer."

Latif Aiouaoui, Key-Account Director / Executive, Financial Services, Google Cloud

The customer (a major german bank) is taking a deliberately ambitious approach to the cloud, relying on an agile and explorative culture of change. In addition, early participation in innovations is to take place by, among other things, sustainably building up the know-how of the bank's own employees. For the bank, the early switch to a solution that uses the advantages of the Google Cloud directly and sustainably was a logical consequence of the modern and economic corporate culture. To introduce a technically conventional solution and only years later rely on a cloud solution would contribute significantly less to the strategic goals of the major bank, would be more inefficient and more costly.

The following benefits the major bank is reaping from the software solution:

  • Familiar methods and data request
  • All user interfaces in the browser while improving usability
  • Consistent pay-as-you-use reduces hosting and operations costs by at least 30% based on experience
  • Massively scalable calculation and consequently no pre-investment in approximate growth
  • No 3rd party license costs and no maintenance fees