Install zeb.control in your own cloud and benefit from the advantages of cloud operation

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Take advantage of the cloud benefits by running your own cloud:

  • Installation of zeb.control in your own cloud account with full platform component flexibility
  • Infrastructure operation by yourself in a private, public or hybrid cloud
  • All popular cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or other providers are supported
  • Agreement on demand-oriented operating services from application administration to monitoring and ensuring operational capability 
  • Independent cloud scaling according to your requirements through flexible resource allocation and environment setup 
  • Ensuring high availability, security and disaster recovery through your cloud provider


Fast – faster environment deployment and less sizing effort thanks to resource scaling options results in a leaner implementation project. 


Flexible – zeb provides flexible functional enhancements directly in the cloud. Deploying new environments and updates increase responsiveness.


Affordable – reduced hardware deployment and implementation costs are a plus. Ongoing administration and operating costs decrease significantly.


Future-proof – using cloud technologies and thereby familiarizing yourself with the platform of the future also allows you to concentrate on your core business and expand your competitive position.

Project example

The fast 1:1 migration of existing system landscapes to AWS or Azure – optionally SaaS or IaaS-supported – immediately generates performance and cost advantages.

Client situation 

A medium-sized bank with a strong focus on sales financing uses various software modules from zeb for its bank management.

In line with the client’s cloud strategy, all locally operated systems are to be migrated productively to a cloud hyperscaler and switched off by the end of 2022.

Project challenges

The aim of the project was to test the 1:1 migration of the existing architecture to AWS in order to validate

a) the feasibility

b) the performance potential and

c) effort and costs

– and all this under the closest possible production conditions.


The production application landscape was replicated 1:1 at AWS including 4 application server instances, an Oracle database with various schemes and an equivalent amount of cores, RAM and storage (approx. 10 TB).

Inventory data from production including a complete history were copied with pseudonyms for all individual modules and the warehouse.

The state-of-the-art technology stack of zeb.control enables you to realize all cloud benefits.

Added value

  • Both the setup and the connection to the bank IT were completed without problems within a few days
  • The processing time was reduced from approx. 8 h to approx. 5 min with comparable resources but more efficient use and an (always!) up-to-date hardware generation
  • Attractive cost savings by on-demand resources and pay-as-you-use billing
  • Ability to quickly add (and remove) additional environments as needed

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