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Ulrike Doering

"Keeping an eye on hedge accounting always pays off. zeb.control and our experience help you reduce your P&L volatility."

Ulrike Doering, Manager
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Objective in Accounting

Within accounting, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are intended to provide international comparability of listed companies’ annual financial statements. This, however, increases the complexity of the accounting system and the demands on calculation functionalities. Our software supports the implementation of the accounting rules according to IFRS 9. With zeb.control, we offer you a comprehensive accounting solution that is embedded into integrated performance and risk management to comply with the international accounting standards. The modular standard software provides you with intuitive user interfaces for classification, impairment, hedge accounting and for managing your posting logic.

Accounting references

With our support, our clients meet pressing issues and challenges in the accounting area arising from the changing industry and new regulatory requirements. As "partners for change", together we master the only constant - change.