Operate zeb.control in your own professional infrastructure and maintain full control

zeb layout pattern


Continue to conveniently use your existing infrastructure and benefit from the zeb.control advantages:

  • Operation of our modular standard software in your own IT infrastructure
  • High software customization options and flexible connection possibilities to receiving or feeder systems
  • Each zeb.control module has state-of-the-art technical content with defined interfaces through which it communicates
  • The data supply of the modules is carried out by an integrated database as a single point of truth, thus ensuring high data quality and consistency
  • Security advantages through local data storage


Flexible – you determine the runtime environment including operating system, application server, database, security components, etc.! For this purpose, zeb.control integrates optimally into an existing application landscape, which can thus be extended as required. You can have the platform and software components customized according to your needs.


Control – you have the perfect overview at all times, as you yourself are responsible for availability, data security & data protection, updates and maintenance of the platform.


Support – you have access to the support of zeb’s leading experts. Regulatory updates and functional upgrades of the software can be jointly planned and implemented. 

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