Use zeb.control via the cloud and keep your focus on the essentials

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Benefit from the convenient and comprehensive Software-as-a-Service package:

  • Fast deployment of zeb.control environments in a cloud instance specifically set up for you
  • Operation entirely in zeb’s AWS-cloud account tailored to your requirements (service level agreement)
  • The software can be customized and extended to meet your needs and offers self-service for environment and job scheduling
  • zeb configures your runtime environment with the relevant components customized for the respective module
  • zeb handles all operational tasks with disaster recovery, data security and full compliance 
  • You can keep your focus on your core competencies


Fast – reduction of implementation time and scope, highly automated, near-time calculation without manual intervention due to guaranteed compliance with agreed service level agreements.


Flexible – the SaaS subscription in the AWS cloud provides even more flexibility in reacting to volatile business requirements by switching methods. 


Affordable – operating costs are completely eliminated, leaving you with calculable monthly costs. Thanks to true pay-as-you-go billing, costs are only incurred for services actually used.


Future-proof – use of the operating model of the future with direct participation in zeb's software development and individual service level agreements.

Project example

The use of big-data and cloud technologies (e. g. AWS cloud) as a basis for financial mathematical calculation engines is groundbreaking and advantageous in every regard.

Client situation

The risk reporting of a medium-sized German specialist bank had to be accelerated due to new MaRisk requirements.

Credit risk simulation identified as a bottleneck – simulation on the local server took more than 12 hours and ran once a month and 16 times at the end of each quarter.

Project challenges

The simplification of the business methodology was not an option (Monte Carlo simulation).

The algorithms used had been fully optimized in years of fine-tuning.

Halving the runtime by expanding the hardware would have tripled costs.


Conceptual design and development of a calculation engine that is highly parallelizable and cloud-enabled – based on big-data technology (Hadoop/Spark)

Calculation in AWS Cloud (Elastic MapReduce cluster) – 72 nodes / 2500 cores

SaaS operated and maintained by AWS and zeb (application management) 

Simple and fast migration of the existing system

The state-of-the-art technology stack of zeb.control enables you to realize all cloud benefits

Added value

  • Reduction of the calculation time from a 12 h to a 10 min simulation run (with < USD 20 costs per run)
  • Calculation no longer takes place as a batch over night, but exploratively several times a day if required
  • Reduction of the bank’s risk management process by approx. 10–14 days per reporting quarter



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